Half Birthday Explained

Half-birthday calculators are great tools to discover another day of celebration – your half-birthday. Some find their half-birthday more important than their regular birthday. Celebrating a half-birthday may be essential to some who feel cheated by a birthday near (or on) a holiday. For example, Kim’s birthday is during the holiday season and is often forgotten. So, she decides to celebrate by having a half-birthday party in June. Other people just love their birthday and can not wait a whole year to celebrate, so they add their half-birthday to their list of holidays.

There is more than one way to calculate a half-birthday. The quickest is to simply add six months to your existing birthday (February 12th becomes August 12th). Although simple, this technique is imperfect. If calculated this way many of us would not have a half-birthday. Therefore, it is better to add 182.5 days (half of a year) onto your birthday. This allows everyone to have a half-birthday. Isn’t that better?

What about leap year? Good question. To properly account for leap year our calculations would have to add an extra day in February. Fortunately, our half-birthday calculator takes leap year into account. This is why our half-birthday calculators ask for your birth year. For those of you who are interested – a year divisible by four, not divisible by one-hundred, and divisible by four-hundred is a leap year. 2008 is the next leap year.